Project Jobless – Horse

Well, “Jobless” is a title, I gave a good friend of mine, but today I am going to steal it from him. Being a home maker for the past few months, I did find sometime to sketch. ( I totally mean it.. SOME time after finishing all 8 seasons of Dexter, all episodes of Game of Thrones and many more series that took priority :P).

Here is my favorite one. I wish I could do some editing to bring out of the true shades of the sketch!!


Hope to upload the other sketches soon..


Change .. You are a nasty guest!!

Dear Change,

Sometimes people invite you with their arms wide open but most of the time, they shut the door on your face. But you are a stubborn guest!! You keep knocking their door again and again. Yet again and again.

You stand there, when they get out to win their bread for the day..

You stand there, when they are back to their nests..

You peep into your window, when they are lazing on the couch..

You stare into their eyes, when they are welled with tears..

You are the haze in the mornings..

You are the inconspicuous shadow in their dreams..

You are there, even if they can’t see you. You are a silent stalker.

But they still stand oblivion to your existence.

You intoxicate their minds and influence friends for recommendations. Sometimes you take a step back but you never give up. Unbelievable is your determination to enter someone’s life.

Once you finally move in, you take them into a roller-coaster ride to hell. You take your time and you never leave. And guess what!! You invite your family!!

People celebrate the day, when they see you no more. They just don’t realize that you have made their minds and heart as your permanent residence.

People blame you all the time, but once they realize how beautifully, you have nurtured their life, they take all the credit for it.

Everybody hates you while you are alive and forgets you, when you cease to exist. You are like bitter medicine. They never like you but they will prescribe you for everybody else. You are then an embodiment of evolution, the ultimate elixir and most rewarding experience. You are notorious in their minds and famous in their speeches.

They hate to accept that you are the key to open the DOORS OF LIVING. I wish people come out of their cocoons and embrace you.

Take care and please don’t give up!!

Tinkle Winkle

Sitting in my room with a cold numbed head and eyes glued to my laptop, I have no idea what I’m doing. Not sure if my cold is a boon, as I took a day off or a bane as I have to finish work over the weekend. But the best part of the numbness is the feeling of doing something different, creative, relaxing and satisfying.  A feeling that says – “Hmm, what am I doing. How many sunlit afternoons have I missed?  Why is my balcony not having beautiful plantation or for that matter, why is my room not interesting? Hmm, can I use that tissue or the cotton on my desk in some painting? Wow, cold does make your head tipsy but apart from my head, it has also numbed my body so I have decided to blog.

Someday I hope to take a break and do what my heart just feels like. Someday… For today, I will definitely not narrate Rip Van Winkle and his 20 years of long sleep. But I will definitely recount a short story.

Last Friday, I was at Kacheguda station, catching the train back to Bangalore. While talking to my brother, I suddenly noticed a book vendor selling Tinkle, the comic magazine. Though I can buy it myself now, it just brought back sweet memories – so I made my brother buy it for me 😀 ( Its 95 bug now!!)

So here goes My Experience with Tinkle in the Train…

This is what I feel the story would have been if it was published back in 1990s.

Long Long ago, there was a ruthless landlord who never treated his workers well. The villagers used to work all day and save the straw for the landlord and throw the white colored remains.  As they were not paid well, they starved most of the days.

Meenu works for the landlord and takes care of the daily chores. One day, she was very hungry and had nothing to eat. She finally decides to eat the white garbage. While preparing food for her landlord, she tries boiling the white remains. BINGO!! She discovered rice.

The clever Meenu educates the farmers about her discovery and they ate RICE while the landlord ate straw every day. 

The same story in 2014..

Long Long ago.. Ruthless landlord.. No food to farmers… Meenu works for landlord… She decides to eat the white leftovers.

While she was about to eat the white stuff, She hears someone calling her name. So she HIDES the white remains in the boiling water (Seriously!!) and rushes out.

When she returns, she realizes that the white matter is actually very tasty. She immediately educates the landlord about the discovery. The landlord praises her…  From then on, he treats the farmers well and shares the rice with all of them.

Seriously!!! Come on!! Forget about stories being fun or moral, this is stupid. In my time, Tinkle was about commonsense like Birbal, or sheer stupidity like Supandi, or good old happy endings.

Stories were never about a landlord changing his attitude completely based on a discovery!!  Nor were they about a cynical girl turning into a good person just by finding an old book in her new house( not by the content of the book, just by finding it).

I am sure there must be better books for kids today but I hope, they do not include stories of this kind.

Dust – Cara Salimando

Loved the huskiness in her voice.. nice tune and lyrics..

” …. …. ….
And your heart was a bird, scared still and alone
and the only thing she ever cared for
with wings tattered and torn,
beating unevenly, beating unevenly.
And your heart was a bird, scared still and alone,
and the only thing she ever cared for.
And your heart was forgotten,
…. …. ….”


I am here and I will be…

So soothing..      Beautiful lyrics..      Just fell in love with this song..

Here to stay by Lenka

I don’t know anymore
I don’t know what I’ve been fighting for
But something inside me won’t go quietly

And I could be anywhere
‘Cause we’re all breathing the same air
It goes inside and makes me feels alive
And all I can say is, all I can say

I am here and I will be
Following my own way
Forever and a day
I am here and I’m here to stay

Oh, we are here and we will be
Following our own way
No matter what you say
We are here and we’re here to stay
We are here to stay

No matter where you roam
Anywhere you lay your heart’s your home
Stand your ground if they push you down
Because all you can say is, all you can say

We are here and we will be
Following our own way
No matter what you say
We are here and we’re here to stay

We are real and we feel it
When you deny us
Or when you get tired of us
We are here and we’re here to stay
We are here to stay

I never knew when enough was enough
Or whether to stay when the going was tough
But I won’t let a little heart be afraid
And all I can say is, all I can say

I am here and I will be
Following my own way
Forever and a day
I am here and I’m here to stay

Oh, we are here and we will be
Following our own way
No matter what you say
We are here and we’re here to stay
We are here to stay

Thanks bro for buying me the  original. Its so clear and mesmerizing..


I was having a peach that I bought the other day from a grocery store( Worth mentioning because I went round and round and almost onto the other side of the road, head-on, to get my peaches home. My driving adventures need a whole new post!! – Some other day).
So, back to the peach and I.. I was having this peach and it took me back probably 15 yrs. into my past when I used to hang out at my grandparents house. Plucking fruits from the trees and EATING them used to be the best hangout for me and my grandpa.. The taste of the peach was so similar to the Badam from our house that I actually stopped still for few sec..

Isn’t wonderful and creepy to feel our senses?? The smell and taste took me back 15 yrs!! Took me back to the garden, to my grandpa’s smile, to my grand mom’s directions and to that house I grew up in. And the unbelievable part of this whole experience is the fact that my brain is taking me back only at precise moments.. That’s an amazing concoction of sensory nerves and memory.. Wow.. How does our brain store smell, taste, visuals, voice and the feelings associated with a memory!!. I guess that’s why our brain is the most amazing hard drive ever seen. Probably the supreme boon and bane of life..

Miss you Grandpa!! And Luv you loads!! 🙂

Say what you need to say…

This Song is from Karate Kid but in the below you tube link, they show glimses of  Bucket list.. I think it fits Bucket list movie more that Karate kid.. Loved the song.. Its “Say what you need to say” by John Mayer.

This one if for you my bro..

Take all of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all of your so-called problems,
Better put ’em in quotations
Say what you need to say [x8]
Walking like a one man army
Fighting with the shadows in your head
Living out the same old moment
Knowing you’d be better off instead,

If you could only . . .
Say what you need to say [x8]

Have no fear for giving in
Have no fear for giving over
You’d better know that in the end
Its better to say too much
Then never say what you need to say again

Even if your hands are shaking
And your faith is broken
Even as the eyes are closing
Do it with a heart wide open

Say what you need to say [x24]